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Heritage Porterhouse Steaks

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Heritage Beef Porterhouse Steaks

  • Ontario Local Heritage Beef
  • 32 oz each (1" thick Cowboy Cut)
  • 2 pc per case
  • Individually Vacuum Packed
  • Approximate weight 4 lbs

All hail the king of the steakhouse! This cut is definitely your classic "hanging off the edge of the plate" dinner spectacular. A porterhouse pairs the tender filet mignon with the meaty-flavored NY strip. Which means you don't have to make a tough choice!

Our incredibly flavorful Heritage Canadian Beef is fed a special blend of roasted grains and grass in summer and high quality hay in winter. Roasting the grains impacts the feed at a cellular level and makes it more digestible, with more nutrient absorption. The result is a product with excellent marbling and taste! Feeding is done at a rate of 80% grass and 20% grain, creating tremendously tender meat. With a no antibiotics, no hormone policy you can be sure you are eating clean, quality local beef. Incredibly tender with a lasting flavour that melts in your mouth.

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We take pride in all of the meats we sell, only supplying homes and families the most superior quality proteins available locally from Canadian farmers. All of our fresh chicken is vegetable grain fed, hormone and antibiotic-free, without added water or sodium. Just good, healthy, old-fashioned proteins. You can’t get it any fresher!!

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