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AAA T-Bone Steaks 16 oz

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Best of both worlds! Tender fillet on one side and striploin on the other
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AAA T-Bone Steaks

4 steaks per case

  • Canadian AAA Beef
  • Thick Cut
  • Approximately 16 oz each (or better)
  • Individually Vacuum Packed

Super tender, melt-in-your-mouth delicious, hand-cut T-Bone's. This is the steak that has a lean tender Fillet on one side and a mouth watering striploin on the other!

Each steak is 16 oz. of mouth watering Canadian AAA goodness. Individually vacuum packaged – Just BBQ and enjoy!

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We take pride in all of the meats we sell, only supplying homes and families the most superior quality proteins available locally from Canadian farmers. All of our fresh chicken is vegetable grain fed, hormone and antibiotic-free, without added water or sodium. Just good, healthy, old-fashioned proteins. You can’t get it any fresher!!

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